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Hello, and welcome to Classic Car Magazine, the home of all things to do with classic cars. I have a range of articles from classic car insurance, how to build an electric supercharger through to winter storage. I have added 3 new sections, Triumph pages and MG pages as although I have an interest in all classic cars my main interest is in Triumph and MG as I own both an MGB GT and a Triumph Spitfire. I have also added a classic car blog to the main page.

This winter we had little snow in the North East which is unusual and I have sold my Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5. All is not lost on the 4X4 front as I replaced it with a Discovery 3. For the latest weather conditions from my weather station near Durham click HERE.

Grab yourself a classic for the summer, there are loads of classics out there for under £1000, choose carefully and you can enjoy a classic car ready for some summer fun, click here to find your bargain. Get a pre 1973 car and its tax free, coupled with classic car insurance and you can have cheap motoring.

The newest area called Images and Specs which contains images, videos and technical specifications of all your favorite classic cars is continuing to grow daily so keep checking to see if your favorite classic car has been listed. **UPDATE Land Rover Discovery 1 has just been added (with more images) to this section, the latest additions are shown below in the car of the week feature.

In 2009 we bought a static caravan holiday home on the glorious Northumberland coast so I have added a subsite to this site to help others who might either be current owners or new buyers thinking about buying a caravan. We have now got some decking added to add a little outside space, it makes a real difference especially when the weather is nice and you can sit outside watching the world go by.

Before last winter we had a log burner fitted in our front room, what a difference it has made to our heating bills and it looks great while keeping us lovely and warm. Click here for our information pages on our log burner and how it was installed.

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Keep an eye out for the changes and give me your feedback.

We hope you enjoy Classic Car Magazine and visit again soon.


We hope you enjoy Classic Car Magazine and visit again soon.

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Classic Car Blog

December Latest update. I have learnt 3 things during this restoration and these are that you need time, motivation and money to complete a restoration and unfortunately last year I ran out of 2 of them. I still had and have the motivation but cash and time were in short supply. I should be in a better position this year and over Christmas work has started again and I am now rubbing the bodywork down in preparation for painting so look out for some updates soon. Work was done on the Spitfire but not as much as I would have liked and the MGB demanded that some work was done and I have some new projects for the MGB in the next few weeks such as installing a new uprated and lighter starter motor and a new electronic distributor which I will add to the site as soon as possible.

December Latest update. With cars being symmetrical I have been doing lots of work on the passenger side of the car but as it is almost identical to the work done on the drivers side and I have not had time to put up the details and photos as they are basically the same. Over Christmas I hope to put this right and as well as doing plenty of work on the car I will add the details of the work done.

17th June Trial fitting the rear wing. Not much progress for a few weeks due to being away on holiday but I came with renewed enthusiasm to get some work done on the Spitfire. With all the local repairs done to the wheel arches I could now return to fitting the inner wing repair panel...More

2nd June Durham Club Beamish 2008 show. What a day, the forecast was for wet and for once unfortunately they were correct and it never stopped raining all day. This did not dampen spirits..More

1st June Rear Repair of Rear Wheel Arch in boot floor area. It took a lot longer to repair the rear arch front section and when I moved onto the back section as usual the metal was in worse condition than I first thought. I thought the area would just require a brush up and then perhaps so very small local repairs, how wrong can you be....More

1st May 08 Spitfire out of the garage. Don't get too excited the Spitfire is not finished yet it just that the garage was in such a mess that I had to clean it up and give it a good tidy as I was sick of tripping over things on the floor....More

15th Apr Boot Floor Removal . Before I could cut out the boot floor I had to repair the passenger side inner wing the same as the drivers side. This was so that I could use the boot floor to set the height of the inner wing repair panel .. ...More

7th April Rear Repair of Rear Wheel Arch complete and removal of passenger wing. It took a lot longer to repair the rear arch and the box section and then the lower wheel arch had to be replaced as it has to be taken out to repair the box section. This repair was quite complex..More

24th Mar Rear Repair of Rear Wheel Arch. They say the best made plans of mice (well they do in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy). I thought over the Easter weekend I would get the boot floor, the rear valance removed and the rear arch repair panel fitted. The was unit I trial fitted the rear arch repair and found that although it fit well there was some fresh air where there should have been steel...MORE

18th Mar Removal and Repair of Rear Inner Wing Quarter Panel. The last bog entry had me cutting off the rear wing and finding that what lay underneath was a lot worse than I expected. I thought I would just need to change the rear wing and perhaps some local repairs to the inner wheel arch and the lower inner wing where it meets the boot floor. It turned out I needed to buy more....

5th Mar Back to the bodywork. The work on the cylinder head has been a welcome distraction and been a nice change but eventually I had to go back to the body work. I finished off a couple of welds and then decided that the rear wings were the next to come off....more

26th Feb Cylinder head complete. After the cylinder head was polished and cleaned up it was washed to get rid of any grinding paste and dirt. After the head was completely dry (put in front of fan heater for a couple of hours) the valves and the springs were put back together ready to go back on the engine.

24th Feb Cylinder head port and polish! It has taken a long time to get to this stage and I am still not completely finished. I started out as a quick de coke of the cylinder head but ended up being a small exercise in polishing and porting..More

16th Feb Tuning with a vacuum gauge. Although I wrote the article describing how to do this I had never actually tried it until this weekend. Wow, what a difference it made the MBG felt much more solid and lively. I was surprised how much I had to turn the distributor (timing must have been well out). To find out how I did it click here

8th Feb.Fitting K&N filters to an MGB! This is a very simple performance improvement to make to your classic or even your modern car. Simply changing to K&N filters should give you an extra 5bhp at the wheels, to find out how I did it click here.

2nd Feb. Cylinder head Strip! With the head off and the cylinder bores checked it was time to turn to the cylinder head itself. When first removed it did not look a pretty sight and looked very coked up. A quick dip in my parts washer and a good going over with a stiff nylon brush and the top of the cylinder head looked as good as new....More

26th Jan Cylinder Head Removal When I bought the Spitfire it came with no history so I had no idea of the state of the engine, all I knew was that I did 2000 miles and there we no problems with the engine, gearbox and differential. I had an idea the car had been restored at some point and that the engine had been rebuilt but how many miles it had done since then was unknown. I was interested to get the cylinder head off to see if there is any wear in the bores and check the rest of the engine over....More

22nd Jan Engine Strip! Back to work on the Spitfire at last. They say a change is as good as a rest. It feels like I have been doing the bodywork on the Spitfire for ages and I have, so now the shed is built I can start on some of the mechanical bits. For fun I decided to start by striping the engine... More

19th Jan 08 BATTERY FLAT AGAIN! Once again I have been thwarted by a flat battery, it was a nice day on Saturday so I thought I would get the MGB GT out for a run to keep it in shape but as soon as I turned the key I knew I would not be going anywhere... More

16th Jan:- SHED IS COMPLETE. Finally the shed is complete, it now has its electrics, flooring and is insulated with metal backed fiberglass insulation. It is so well insulated that last night it was very frosty so the roof of the shed was white. I was in the shed for over an hour with my heater on full blast.....More

blog/classic-car-blog-winter.html. Back to work and for once the weather forecasters get it right and 3 inches of snow falls overnight. The council hardly salts the main roads so housing and industrial estates have no chance of being done and they resemble ice rinks. My new Euro box a Vauxhall Vectra estate is a great car, it does its job very well but in the snow it is no better than a sledge. Even taking note of my winter driving tips I still managed to have 3 "brown trouser" moments on the way too and from work. The first happened only 100 yards from home, to get off our estate there is a gentle incline and on this particular morning was littered with abandoned BMW's that could not make it to the top with their low profile tyres, I just had to keep going and hope that I could get out at the top which luckily I could.........More

31st Dec 07:- MGB OUT FOR A SPIN. Finally we get a nice day and I can get my MGB GT out for a spin into the hills. I was pleased that it started without any problems and it ran beautifully. When you drive a Euro box every day it is a relief to get into a car that needs to be driven and is a pleasure to drive, if I did not have a company car then I think I would have to have a classic as an everyday car.

20th Dec 07:- NO PROGRESS ON SPITFIRE. Still no work on the Spitfire for at least a month due to working on the shed. It is mostly done now, electrics are in and it has been lined out with insulation and plywood panels so it should be nice and warm with my little heater.

17th Dec 07:- BATTERY PROBLEMS. What do they say, trouble always comes in threes. First it was the battery on my wife's MG ZS which started to have problems turning over on cold mornings so had to be replaced, then because the weather was has been so bad it has been impossible to get my MGB GT out so when eventually it was dry and the roads were not coating in salt we go the car started with a jump start. With it being the MGB and the batteries being behind the seats.....More

16th Dec 07:- SHED UP. Finally got the shed up, took all day from 8 o'clock until 4 o'clock to get the main structure up and weather tight and that was with my next door neighbor, my Dad and myself working flat out.

8th Dec 07:- Too wet and windy to put up shed

1st Dec 07:-My Dad has been very good and managed to treat most of the shed in treatment for me we are now just waiting for a nice day to put it up.

22nd Nov 07:- Shed arrived today in lots of large panels which I have started to give 2 coats of wood treatment before we build it.

10th Nov 07:-Previous visitors to the site will know that I am in the middle of a restoration project and you can see the progress so far in SPITFIRE RESTORATION. It is not easy restoring a car in a single garage with so many different parts to restore space is always at a premium so I ordered a big shed. This is of workshop size 13' by 7' so am looking forward to getting it and building it.

1st Nov 07:- Welcome to the start of my car blog, I hope you find it fun, informative and if nothing else entertaining listening to my rants on most things car related!


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Spitfire Restoration


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Follow my trials and Tribulations as I battle through a restoration of a Triumph MK IV Spitfire. After driving the Spitfire for a year I decided a nut and bolt restoration was needed. Follow my Progress Here


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Now that winter is here we have some tips and hints that will help you drive through the ice and snow. These articles are just as relavant for modern cars as well as classics

Car of the week

Each week I will be featuring a classic car from the Car Pages section of the site. This will be updated each week to give you a flavor of the cars in the Car Pages section. (not just MGB's and Spitfires). This week have a new recent contender to the classic car scene the Land Rover Discovery, but the first ones now are over 21 years old. A very practical classic especailly in the winter months, they are so easy to work on and it was also available with a V8!

Land Rover Discovery Series 1

Land Rover Discovery Series 1