Safety In Your Static Caravan & Holiday Home

Fire Safety

Fit a smoke detector in your caravan -
and be sure to test it.
• Take care when cooking - don't leave
fat pans unattended.
• Keep matches and lighters out of the
reach of children.
• If you smoke, use suitable metal ashtrays -
never smoke in bed.
• Keep the caravan ventilated and don't
block up air vents - it could be fatal.
• Keep a fire extinguisher inside the caravan,
by the door.
• Find out about fire-fighting arrangements
on the campsite or caravan park and also
where the nearest telephone is.
• Keep a torch handy for emergencies -
don't use a candle.

Gas Testing

The gas system must be checked for any leaks
and its correct operation and any alteration to
the original installation tested and approved by
a CORGI approved gas engineer.

All gas appliances should be serviced annually and
flues and terminals should be inspected for corrosion
and soundness. Only a CORGI approved gas
engineer should carry this out.

Most sites will insist on having a copy of the report for the testing.

Electrical Testing

Portable Applicance Testing (PAT) is mandatory
if you sub-let your caravan. In many cases your
contract may mention this as a requirement –
please check.



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