Adding Decking To Your Static Caravan Holiday Home

Decking is a great way of increasing the usable space around your caravan as well as making the access to the doors much easier as safer with out the traditional steps.

We got decking fitted to our caravan as soon as we could and I must say it greatly improved the caravan experience. We had a couple of months without the decking which was fine but once we had it fitted then we never looked back.

We managed to get local man to do the decking using local timber that was sawn in the local sawmill about 20 miles from our site and went for a more rustic look rather than the fancy spindles as we think it blends better with the site but it is person preference.

Process we had to go through

1. Look round your site and see what other people have fitted and talk to people to find out who built theirs.(if others have decking then you should be allowed to have it fitted).

2. Contact the site manager to find out if you can have decking and what are the restrictions such as distance from access roads and distances between other caravan. (all these rules are made for the benefit of all as you would not want someone else's decking right next to your van)

3. Draw a plan of the proposed decking with measurements and an idea of what the completed deck will look like. If you have the height then it is a good idea to include some under deck storage.

4. Submit this plan to the site manager and they will probably come out and discuss the plans and any restrictions such as not keeping anything combustible under the deck.

5. At the same time as the above discussion the site manager can let you know if they have a preferred contractor to build the deck or let you know if you can build it yourself.

6. Once the permissions have been granted then you can get your deck built and start enjoying it.

Below are some photos of our decking some before it was painted with wood preserver and some fully complete.


Upkeep and protection of your decking

We painted our decking with fence preserver as we were told by other owners that it was the best to use as it made no difference if you used expensive or cheap preserver it wears off with walking on it.

For this reason most areas where you walk will need to be redone at least every year, as will the tops of the handrails which seam to get bleached by the sun and fade. The remaining parts of the deck we usually paint every 2 years.



Deck Before Paint Deck Complete & Painted

Harry on Deck Deck Complete With Table