Spitfire Cleaning The Differential

With running the car for over a year before taking it off the road for its restoration I have a good idea that the mechanical components are in pretty good order and do not need a rebuild. The differential has been in the shed since being pulled from the chassis at the beginning of the restoration. As can be seen from the first photo there is a lot of accumulated oil, dirt and road muck attached to the diff.


  Differential before being cleaned   Differential half way through cleaning   Differential after being fully cleaned  

The second photo shows the diff with the muck scrapped off (I got 1/2 a carrier bag of muck from it). The third photo is after it had been cleaned even further with a cleaning solution sprayed on and then left to do its stuff before being washed off. I am next going to paint the diff in black so that it matches how it came from the factory.



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