Spitfire Inner Wing Prime and Paint

Once I was happy with the fit of the boot lid and the rear wings it was time to remove the panels and prepare the areas which were hidden under the rear wings. It looks like a step backwards as removing all the panels makes the body tub look like you are back at square one. It is however important that the hidden areas are fully protected as once the rear wings are fitted permanently it is difficult to get access.


  Rear inner Wing In Primer   Rear Inner Wing In Black Paint   Drivers Side Inner Wind First Coats  

First the whole area was cleaned up to make sure there was no paint left on the flanges where the rear wings will be spot welded in place. Then the whole area was sprayed with an etch primer that is also is capable of being welded through so it will give good protection but will still enable the wings to be attached easily. Once the etch primer was dry the flanges were taped up with masking tape so that when the area is sprayed with black paint it does not stop the wings being spot welded in place. Once it was all taped up a couple of coats of black paint were applied from an aerosol to give this area protection from the elements.





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