Spitfire Front Suspension Strip down

Like most of the components they have been in my old shed since being removed from the car, this has not improved the look of the front suspension components with the springs, brake discs and wishbones looking quite rusty. This is not a problem as most of the components will be renewed anyway with the only bits I need being the wishbones, hubs and brake calipers.


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The top wishbone was removed first and this came off quite easily as I had previously soaked all the nuts and bolts in penetrating fluid. The same could not be said for the bottom wishbone, the bolt which holds the shock absorber came out easily but the bolt though the trunnion had just rusted solid, the nut came off no problem and no amount of hammering could shift the bolt. I was always going to replace the trunnion anyway but the only way to remove the bottom wishbones was to cut through the trunnion and confine it to the scrap bin.

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The brake caliper came off easy enough and I will have a look at these later, I am not sure if I am going to send them off to be reconditioned, buy some "new" calipers and use these as an exchange item or to recondition them myself. the decision will probably come down to 2 things, money and time, if I have enough time and little money I will probably do them myself. If I am desperate to get the car finished and I have the money I will probably buy some new ones.



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