Spitfire Outer Boot Floor and Rear Valance Trial Fit

With the rear wings fitting nice there was still a big hole where the boot floor and rear valance should be. This should gave been a quick fit as the boot floor area had not been altered too much so the new one should drop straight in. How wrong can you be, this is why it has taken so long to get the next stage. The problem as it turned out was a badly pressed boot floor panel which has needed a lot of remedial work to get it to fit and still will need more work to get it fitted permanently.


  Rear Wing Clamped   Boot Lid trial Fit   Boot Lid Trial Fit From behind  

With the modifications made to the boot floor the whole back end was clamped together and also screwed in places with self tapping screws. The boot lid was also fitted to make sure that the height and fit was correct. With these panels fitted and the boot lid the body tub was starting to look more like a car and closer to being finished.

  Boot Fllor and Rear Valance   Boot Floor Trial Fit   Boot Lit Fitted  


Checks were made in the boot to make sure things lined up correctly and the bumper irons lined up with all the fixing holes. Once I was happy with the fit I marked up around the boot floor so that any remaining paint could be removed and then painted with weld through primer.



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