Spitfire Rear Wing Removal and Repair

To remove the rear wing I started with a plasma cutting disc in my angle grinder along the top seam and then at the bottom where the wing meets the rear valance. To remove the section round the wheel arch you are supposed to run the angle grinder round the arch at 45 degrees and grind through the arch to reveal the inner arch, this is the same way you remove a door skin. Unfortunately as you can see in the second photo there was no wheel arch to grind through just a 1/4 of filler.


  Car Raised Up   How much Filler!   Wing Removed  

I would love to meet the person who "restored" the car in the past as he must be an artist. The use of filler is brilliant, the bodywork looked very good until you take a grinder to it, there is so much filler I am surprised that the car could move under its own power. With the wing removed the full horror of the inner wing could be seen, it looks like a new inner wing repair is now needed, a inner wheel arch as well as a new wing. The whole area was then run over with a wire bruch in a drill, this got rid of most of the surface rust and the rest will be treated with a rust converter before being painted.

  Wing Removed   Wing Removed   Inner Arch  


I am now in the process of cleaning up all the flanges and sorting out the rust in the inner wing before I start cutting off the inner wheel arch and replacing it with a repair panel.



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