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A wood burning stove can be a great addition to any home including modern houses, they look great, are easy to use and help you to save a lot of money on your heating bills. We decided to have a log burner fitted because the gas fire that was originally installed with the house we never used and with the ever increasing gas bills we thought it would be a good investment.

This website has been put together to share our experiences of having a log burner installed, where to acquire your wood, how to store it and finally the best ways we have found to operate our log burner.
Follow one of the links below to an area you are interested in. (still work in progress so one link does not work yet).

Our first "big" winter bill recently and it was £100, thats a saving of over £300 from last years gas bill so we are well pleased with our log burner.

Our second winter bill also came in at just over £100 so again from the previous bills thats a saving of another £300 so £600 saving over the winter period which is fantastic.

We are now into our second winter with our log burner and would not be without it, it has been lit just about every day since the beginning of October and with gas prices still rising I expect to save over £700 this year.

Log Burning Stove In a Modern House

1.  Stove types
2.  Installation types
3. Wood Types
4. Free wood
5. Costs & Payback
6. Our installation
7 Log Store and storage
8. How to light and operate
9. Cleaning tips

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Keep an eye out for the changes and give me your feedback.

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