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Welcome to the start of my sub site aimed at 4X4's and Land Rovers especially. The reason for this is in 2010 I bought a Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 in preparation for the winter. Previous winters we had great trouble getting about in our 2 wheel drive cars so for this winter my new toy will hopefully allow us to get about easier and in more safety. I will add more articles and information to this site over the coming months and will document any problems and upgrades that occur.

Well winter 2010-2011 was very cold and with quite a bit of snow for the whole country not just us in the North. We had snow on the ground from most of December with some quite heavy overnight falls. Earlier in the month we had about 18 inches of snow in out back garden and on my Vauxhall Vectra!. I am really pleased I bought my new toy as it has meant life can continue as normal even with a good fall of snow. To illustrate this a neighbour who has a similar Vauxhall Vecta took 2 1/2 hours to get off our estate after about 4 inches of snow fell overnight. In contrast it took me just 2 1/2 minutes and 2 minutes of that were spent pushing a stuck Jaguar XF out of the way!

I changed my Discovery 2 for a Discovery 3 in the January of 2012 for a bit more luxury and better MPG and I must say I am very impressed with it, it is the best all round vehicle I have every had, there is no job it cannot do from shipping the whole family, luggage and 2 dogs on holiday to carrying 1 tonne of logs back for the log burner it just does it.

Winter 2011 2012 was not as bad as previous winters in terms of snow it was cold and I believe the following winters to come will be snowy. I just hope my Discovery 3 can get me though the next bad winter but at least my wife has changed her car to a Land Rover Freelander 2 so we should be OK.


Vauxhall vectra In the Snow

My old Vauxhall Vectra stuck in the snow!

I now have a weather station in my back garden click here for live data



Keep an eye out for the changes and give me your feedback.

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Following the bad winter we had in 2009/2010 I decided that for this up and coming winter I would have a 4X4 so that we could get out and about with ease and safety so this is what I have just bought a Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5.

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Now that winter is almost here it is important that you drive your car in a safe manner for yourself and other road users. The articles below will help you get safely through whatever the winter throws at us.

Car of the week

Each week I will be featuring a car from the Car Pages section of the site. This will be updated each week to give you a flavor of the cars in the Car Pages section. This week a Land Rover Series 3. A very practical 4X4 as they are so easy to work on and it was also available with a V8!

Land Rover Discovery Series 1

Land Rover Series III