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Maurice Wilks was Rover's chief engineer and brother of company Chairman Spencer Wilks, he used a US army surplus Jeep on his estate farm in Anglesey, North Wales but getting spare parts was becoming a problem. It was this jeep that inspired the notion of producing an adaptable workhorse for farmers, and soon the first prototype Land Rovers were built. The Rover car company needed a short-term solution to post-war material shortages. The Land Rover's body was of 'Birmabright' aluminum alloy which was in plentiful supply (aircraft aluminium war surplus) at a time when steel was in short supply. Even the green colour came from war surplus.

Designed for farm and light industrial use, the first prototype was built in the summer of 1947 and was followed by another 48 examples for trials and appraisal. Early prototypes used the 1.4 litre Rover 10 engine but this quickly proved to have a lack of power and a new high torque 1.6 litre engine was fitted. The gearbox was fitted with a transfer case and four wheel drive unit, as well as the ability for a variety of power take-offs to be fitted to make a very versatile vehicle.

The Series one Land Rover was launched in April 1948 at the Amsterdam motor show.

The Series I had a box section steel chassis, and aluminium bodywork. Thousands of the Series I can still be seen on the roads today and some are still in original condition, many have undergone restoration, and others can be seen heavily modified for off road events.

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