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The Series III was an evolution of the Series IIA design, rather a complete redesign..
The most significant change was the replacement of the gearbox with a completely new gearbox that incorporated synchromesh on all forward gears, revised ratios with lower reverse and 1st gears. The Low Range ratio was reduced and a new clutch design was also introduced to include a diaphragm spring resulting in smoother and quieter gear changes. Braking was also improved and a heavy duty Salisbury rear axle was fitted as standard to all 6 cylinder vehicles and from 1972 the Salisbury became a standard fitment on all 109" vehicles. The electrical system was also upgraded with the dynamo replaced by an alternator.

The body remained virtually unchanged, although the metal grille was replaced with a plastic grille designed to match the new headlamp position introduced in 1968 (this is supposed to have caused problems with the Australians who apparently used to use the metal grille as a grill barbeque!). The Series III looked very different on the inside and the dash was redesigned with the addition of padding. The instrument panel was moved in front of the driver and the door interiors were upholstered. A much-improved heater was fitted and new there was even provisions for a radio.

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