Classic Car Blog- Spitfire Rear Wheel Arch Repair Complete and removal of Passenger Wing

7th April 08 Rear Repair of Rear Wheel Arch complete and removal of passenger wing. It took a lot longer to repair the rear arch and the box section and then the lower wheel arch had to be replaced as it has to be taken out to repair the box section. This repair was quite complex as the wheel arch is curved and also has a turned lip which was made by bending a flat piece of steel in a vice 90 degrees and then using a dolly creating the curve for the wheel arch.

With the divers side inner wing repaired I decided to remove the passenger side wing so that I could repair the inner wing which would then allow me to remove the boot floor and the rear valance. This wing came off even easier than the drivers side wing as I think that the wing on the drivers side was the original factory fit and was spot welded in place. The passenger side wing looked like it had been replaced as it was only tack welded along the top seam and bonded to the inner wing which had come away so was removed in about five minutes.

  New Steel put in   Inner arch repaired   Passenger wing removed  

The inner arch was a mess but fortunately I had won a panel on ebay at the 1/3 of the price of a new one so this will have to be cut off the same as the drivers side. The inner wing lower was also a mess and the bottom flange just crumbled away so did not need much removing. Again as per the drivers side the bumper support bracket had to be removed and welded to the lower repair panel (again another panel won on ebay at a fraction of the price of a new one). This panel is a good well made panel except that on the drivers side there is a hole in the inner wing upper that is horizontal and does not interfere with this panel, on the passenger side however this hole is more vertical so some of the panel had to removed to make it fit properly. The cleaned up bracket was painted with weld through primer and then welded onto the lower repair panel.

  Inner wing lower removed   Inner repair and bracket   Bracket welded on  


I am now in the process of welding in the repair panel which hopefully should not take too long. Once this is in place I can remove the boot floor and the rear valance as I will have reference points for the bumper mounts to help locate the boot floor and valance.



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