Classic Car Blog- Spitfire Rear Wheel Arch Repair In Boot Floor Area

1st June 08 Rear Repair of Rear Wheel Arch in boot floor area. It took a lot longer to repair the rear arch front section and when I moved onto the back section as usual the metal was in worse condition than I first thought. I thought the area would just require a brush up and then perhaps so very small local repairs, how wrong can you be. The reason I have not been updating is because I have been busy with the repairs and I cut so much out it took a couple of tries to get the repair panel right and did not want to show pictures of poor panel repairs. This first series of photos shows the drivers side repairs, this shows the patch welded in and ground down and just requiring a small skim of filler to finish the job.

  Inner Wing boot area   Inner Wing outside Patch   Passenger wing removed  

How I did the passenger side patch was as follows, I used some cardboard to get the rough shape of the repair (cardboard is good as you can bend it round curves easily). I then cut the steel to the same size of the cardboard template. It is difficult to see in the photos but the wheel arch has a small flange running around the the bottom (to give the panel some strength) so this had to be replicated in the repair panel. This was done simply by putting the patch in a vice and hammering over to 90 degrees a small flange. I did this oversize and was trimmed latter to match the existing wheel arch. The top section of the patch was joggled so that when it was put in place and welded in the join would be flush with the existing metal. This was then clamped and welded in place on both sides. I still need to have a go with the panel beating hammers and dollies so that the curve is exactly right but it looks good so far.

  Inner Wing Repair Clamped In Place   Rear of Car   Repair of passenger side inner wing welded  


I just have to grind down the weld somewhere near to be flush then a quick skim of filler will finish of the job nicely and no one will know that the repair has been done.



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