Classic Car Blog- Spitfire Rear Wheel Arch Repair

24th Mar 08 Rear Repair of Rear Wheel Arch. They say the best made plans of mice (well they do in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy). I thought over the Easter weekend I would get the boot floor, the rear valance removed and the rear arch repair panel fitted. The was unit I trial fitted the rear arch repair and found that although it fit well there was some fresh air where there should have been steel. This was where the rear arch repair panel is supposed to attach just after the floor section. After a bit of a prod with my scriber a few holes were found with the only option left but to cut out large sections and replace with fresh steel. Using cardboard I made some templates up before cutting the steel to size. The area to be repaired included a box section which provides some strength to the area behind the seats (but outside and under the wheel arches) so the box section was cleaned up with a power file and then painted with weld through primer.


  Rear Arch Trial Fit   Rot Cut Out   Cardboard Templates  

After the box section was repaired a repair panel had to be fabricated from flat sheet steel. I always knew I had to make the repair panel but I did not think it would be as complicated as it turned out. The panel has to run in line with the floor to allow the rear wing and the inner wing repair panel to fit and close of the end of this section. It is not too clear from the photos but there is a 45 degree turn where the repair panel meets the box section. I used a combination of clamps and my panel beating hammer and dollies to get the shape right.

  Area Prepaired and Painted   Repair Panel Painted   Repair Panel Clamped In Place  


I am now in the process of welding in the repaint panel which hopefully should not take too long. I will then remove the wing on the passenger side so that I can replace the inner wing lower panel as on the drivers side. Once these are in place I can remove the boot floor and the rear valance.



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