Classic Car Blog- Spitfire sees the light of day

1st May 08 Spitfire out of the garage. Don't get too excited the Spitfire is not finished yet it just that the garage was in such a mess that I had to clean it up and give it a good tidy as I was sick of tripping over things on the floor. It is not a great think to write about in a blog but it does show how much work has been done on the body tub (still a long way to go). It also shows the body attached to the frame that I made and gives a good inditaction on how this is made and attaches to the body tub.


  Spitfire body tub from the front   Spitfire body tub from back and side   Spitfire body tub from behind  

It was nice to get the car out an clean all the debri from welding and grinding in fact I got 6 shovels full of thi stuff off the floor. The garage is now tidy and the car back in bewing worked again.

  Spitfire body tub from back and side   Spitfire body tub side   Spitfire body tub with helper  


I am now repairing the area inside the boot (where the boot floor attaches to the body) as this area is very rotten and the whole flange has been cut out and is being replaced with new metal. I am not beeing to particular with the shape of this flange as when the boot floor is welded in I will trim off any excess metal so the two flanges will be flush



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