Classic Car Blog- Spitfire Outer Rear Wing Trial Fit

17th June 08 Trial fitting the rear wing. Not much progress for a few weeks due to being away on holiday but I came with renewed enthusiasm to get some work done on the Spitfire. With all the local repairs done to the wheel arches I could now return to fitting the inner wing repair panel. I had punched some holes in the flange of the repair panel and then removed all the protective paint before painting the areas that will be welded with weld through primer. This was then clamped in place and the outer wing put over the top to make sure that it fit correctly which it did, to be honest I did not expect too much trouble as there was a small part of the old inner wing in place and the repair panel just slotted over this.


  Inner Arch Screwed on   Inner Wing Welded On   Inner Wing Welded and Primed  

With the panel clamped in place I drilled some holes into the bodywork through the holes in the repair panel. The panel was then screwed into place and the clamps removed before a final quick double check with the outer wing. With the panel screwed on I then welded along the flange to the bodywork, I got very good weld penetration as the seam old sealer on the other side was smoking quite a lot. The inner wing on the underside was then seam welded along the joint between the old stub of original wing and the new panel, this was then ground smooth before all areas were painted with primer to give some protection

  Outer Wing Trial Fit   Outer Wing Trial Fit   View Under Arch Trial Fit  


After this was done the outer wing was put back on and clamped in place so I could take some photos, with the outer panels on the car starts to take shape again, all I have to do now is to repeat the same on the passenger side of the car.



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