Classic Car Blog- Spitfire Boot Floor Removal

15th Apr 08 Boot Floor Removal . Before I could cut out the boot floor I had to repair the passenger side inner wing the same as the drivers side. This was so that I could use the boot floor to set the height of the inner wing repair panel. The bumper support brackets were used to help locate the repair panel by screwing the bolts through the brackets and into the captive nuts on the repair panel (which needed to be welded to the panel).


  Inner arch lower repair   Rear valance just before being cut out   Inner wng lower repaired from outside  

The panel was then welded in pace to the remaining inner wing, the rest of the panel will be welded in once a few local repairs are completed and the boot floor is in place. With both inner wing lower panels repaired I could now cut out the boot floor and rear valance. To do this I used a plasma disk in the angle grinder and cut inside of all the flanges around the boot floor and the rear valance until it was all removed and sitting on the garage floor. I still need to take some parts from the old boot floor such as the spare wheel clamp and some brackets that hold the boards in the boot.

  Inner arch lower repair welded in   Boot Floor Cut out   Body tub with floor and valence cut out  


I am now going round the flanges and removing any excess metal and repairing any parts of the flange that is a bit rusty and needs replacing.



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