Classic Car Blog- Shed Complete!

16th Jan 08:- SHED IS COMPLETE. Finally the shed is complete, it now has its electrics, flooring and is insulated with metal backed fiberglass insulation. It is so well insulated that last night it was very frosty so the roof of the shed was white. I was in the shed for over an hour with my heater on full blast and when I came out the roof was still white so I must not be losing much heat through the roof. I have now started to moves some parts from the garage to the shed to give me more room to work on the bodywork. The chassis which was restored first and stored behind the house under a tarpaulin but not too well protected. When we moved the chassis inside the shed I was pleasantly surprised how well it looked and the only areas which need attention are a couple of areas where we chipped the paint while moving the chassis. I finally got round to opening a birthday present from nearly 2 years ago, my engine stand. It is a Clarke light duty engine stand and it looks very well made and quite sturdy, I am looking forward to getting the engine on the stand so I can start to check it over and if it needs it rebuild it.



Large Shed Outside

Large Shed inside

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