Classic Car Blog- Flat Battery Again!

19th Jan 08 BATTERY FLAT AGAIN! Once again I have been thwarted by a flat battery, it was a nice day on Saturday so I thought I would get the MGB GT out for a run to keep it in shape but as soon as I turned the key I knew I would not be going anywhere... More. As the garage where the B is parked has no electricity there is no way to charge it up especially in the winter when I cannot get the car out for weeks at a time due to bad weather and lack of time. It seams that when the weather is nice I don't have the time and when I have time the weather is poor.



I have a charging socket in the B where I used to connect my battery conditioner and trickle charger so I am going to try and us it to connect a spare battery to the charging socket to try and keep the battery level up. I will then take the battery away every week or so to charge it up and then connect it again. Hopefully this will keep the car batteries topped up but we will have to wait and see.

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