Classic Car Blog- Engine Strip!

22nd Jan 08 Engine Strip! Back to work on the Spitfire at last. They say a change is as good as a rest. It feels like I have been doing the bodywork on the Spitfire for ages and I have so now the shed is built I can start on some of the mechanical bits. For fun I decided to start by striping the engine

As the engine and gearbox were still attached and covered in years of road and oil grime I set too with a paint brush and a tin of Gunk. This is marvelous stuff, I have tried some of the environmentally friendly de-greasers but to be honest the ones I have used were not up to the job.

  Engine & Gearbox Dirty   Gearbox Cleaned   Gearbox Removed  

There looks like there is a few damaged teeth on the starter ring on the flywheel but I think I will be able to dress the teeth with a file as it worked fine when the car was on the road. Next job is to clean up the belhousing on the gearbox and then I will be removing the head o what fun!!!!!

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