Classic Car Blog- Cylinder Head Strip down and Clean!

2nd Feb 08 Cylinder head Strip! With the head off and the cylinder bores checked it was time to turn to the cylinder head itself. When first removed it did not look a pretty sight and looked very coked up. A quick dip in my parts washer and a good going over with a stiff nylon brush and the top of the cylinder head looked as good as new.

With the valves removed I started on the coked up areas on the underside of the cylinder head. With a little careful scraping and a small brass brush in my high speed Dremil the head was starting to look good again.


  Cylinder Head removed   Cylinder Head cleaned up   Start of Clean up  

With all the chambers clean I then re washed the head to get rid of any carbon that may have found its way into the water and oil ways.

The next items to be cleaned are the valves themselves, as the engine does not look like it has done many miles since a rebuild I intend to reuse the valves and de coke these as well. I have already tried the valves in their guide the wrong way round and there is no side to side movement so I can only assume that when the head was rebuilt it has had the valve seats re-cut and new valves fitted.

I have cleaned one in the parts washer but will need some work to get it right to be re-fitted.


  Valve before Cleaning   Valve half cleaned  


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