Classic Car Blog- Battery Problems

17th Dec 07:- BATTERY PROBLEMS. What do they say, trouble always comes in threes. First it was the battery on my wife's MG ZS which started to have problems turning over on cold mornings so had to be replaced, then because the weather was has been so bad it has been impossible to get my MGB GT out so when eventually it was dry and the roads were not coating in salt we go the car started with a jump start. With it being the MGB and the batteries being behind the seats it is not easy to get at and half the interior has to be moved to get at them. To add insult to injury the MG ZS I was selling needed the battery charging as it had not moved much in a month. If anyone has any ideas on how to keep the batteries on my B charged I would be grateful if they would let me know as the B is parked in a garage without any electricity supply so I cannot use my trickle charger like I used to.


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