Engine Strip and Clean UP


As the engine and gearbox were still attached and covered in years of road and oil grime I set too with a paint brush and a tin of Gunk. This is marvelous stuff, I have tried some of the environmentally friendly de-greasers but to be honest the ones I have used were not up to the job. It still took a long time to get the engine and gearbox looking good but I am pleased with the results. I will be of course painting the engine and head black with some high temperature engine enamel before it goes back in the car but will leave the gearbox its nice shiny aluminum (will not stay this way for long). To split the engine and gearbox it is a simple matter of removing all the nuts and bolts which connect the bell housing to the engine back plate then carefully withdrawing the gearbox from the engine making sure you do not damage the main shaft.

  Engine & Gearbox Dirty   Gearbox Cleaned   Cleaned Gearbox and Bell housing  

With the gearbox off it was time to check the components inside the bell housing. There looks like there is a few damaged teeth on the starter ring on the flywheel but I think I will be able to dress the teeth with a file as it worked fine when the car was on the road. The inside of the bell housing was given a good clean and the clutch release bearing and arm removed, I have kept all the old components but will be replacing the clutch but it is useful to keep the old items for reference when buying new parts. The clutch is attached to the flywheel with bolts which can take some getting out and one or two are in tricky spots so access to them is not great.

  Dirty Bell housing   Clutch and Flywheel   Clutch Removed  


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