Engine and Gearbox Separation


As the engine and gearbox were still attached and covered in years of road and oil grime I set too with a paint brush and a tin of Gunk. This is marvelous stuff, I have tried some of the environmentally friendly de-greasers but to be honest the ones I have used were not up to the job.

  Engine & Gearbox Dirty   Gearbox Cleaned   Gearbox Removed  

With the engine and gearbox cleaned up separation of the two is quite simple, it is just a case of undoing all the nuts and bolts around the bell housing. The night before I started I gave all the nuts a squirt of penetrating fluid to make sure they all came loose easily. Once all the nuts and bolts were out the gearbox could be just lifted out.

Again to remove the clutch it is just a case of removing the bolts but in a similar way to undoing a cylinder head slacken only 1/4 turn on each bolt undoing opposite bolts until all are loose.

There looks like there is a few damaged teeth on the starter ring on the flywheel but I think I will be able to dress the teeth with a file as it worked fine when the car was on the road. Next job is to clean up the bell houseing on the gearbox and then I will be removing the head o what fun!!!!!

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