Salt mist corrosion test on weld through primer and rust converters start of tests


In my job as Test Lab Manger of a marine test house we do quite a lot of salt mist and corrosion tests for equipment that will be installed on the deck of ships. This is a very tough test and is designed to test the suitability of components over a very quick period of time (4 weeks) to make sure that the components will not be damaged over the years that they will be installed on deck.


As I have access to a salt mist chamber and we are running a test at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to put some samples in the chamber of the products I am currently using on the restoration of my Spitfire. It would be nice to do a full test on a full range of products (like Practical Classics would do) but due to cost I could not buy all the products on the market to try. What I am going to do however is to test the products I have got and as I continue through the restoration I will be testing new products as I buy them. This will give me confidence in the products I am using as I know that the tests I will do are totally independent and if they are good enough for the marine industry then a bit of road salt in the winter should cause no problem at all.

Salt Mist Chanber

First test of samples

The first test is on 3 products that I am currently using on the Spitfire restoration 2 weld through primers and a rust converter that can be left unpainted (if required but not totally recommended). For the test the samples will go into a salt mist chamber for 4 weeks so this page will be updated as the test progresses and each week I will remove the samples from the chamber and photograph them.

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