MGB Technical Specification

MGB Introduced 1962 - 1980 Number built - 513276 cars - all versions

MGB Roadster

Number of cylinders: 4
Main bearings: 3
Capacity: 1798cc
Bore and Stroke: 80.26mm x 88.90mm
Valve gear: Overhead
Compression ratio: High: 8.8:1 Low: 8.0:1
Max Power: 94bhp @ 5,500rmp (from 1964 95bhp @ 5,400rpm)
Max Torque: 107lb/ft @ 3,500rpm (from 1964 110lb/ft@3000rpm)
Carburation: Twin SU HS4
Type: 4 speed, part synchromesh non overdrive
Clutch: Single plate dry, hydraulically operated
Suspension: Front: coil and wishbone.
Rear: live axle with leaf springs.
Dampers: Armstrong lever arm front and rear.
Steering: Rack and pinion.
Brakes: 10.75" dia front disc. 10" dia rear drum.
Wheels: 4J x 14 pressed steel (optional wire spoke).
Tyres: 5.60 x 14 tubed crossply.
0-60mph: 12.1 secs
Top speed: 108.1mph
Fuel consumption: Approx 23mpg



Engine: 4 cylinder in line
Capacity: 1,798cc
Bore & Stroke: 80.26mm x 88.9mm
Valve operation: overhead operated by tappets pushrods and rockers.
No of bearings: 5 main
Power output: 97 bhp at 5,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 105lb/ft at 2,500 rpm
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Carburation: Twin SU's
Clutch: Single dry plate
Suspension: front; coil and wishbone, rear; live axle with semi elliptic leaf springs.
Dampers: Armstrong lever arm front & rear
Steering: Rack and pinion
Brakes: Hydraulic with servo assistance. Front; 10.75" dia disc. Rear; 10" dia drum
Maximum speed: 104 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 13.0 secs
Fuel consumption: 25 mpg.





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