How To Change A Tyre (Tire) On Your Car

At some point we will all get a flat tyre and so you will need to change a tyre and it is esnetial that you know how to do it properly and safely!

Tools that you will need:
A jack
An axle stand (if possible)
A wheel brace
Wheel chocks

1: Find a flat, solid piece of ground to jack your car up on, NEVER attempt to change a tyre on an uneven or a soft surface!

2: Ensure your handbrake is fully on and that your car is in gear so the car does not move.

3: Before doing anything else you need to secure the wheel diagonally opposite to the one you are changing, so if you are changing the back passenger side wheel you will need to secure the right front driver’s side wheel. The best way to do this is to buy a pair of proper rubber wheel chocks although a stout piece of wood or some bricks could also be used.

4: Place the jack into the correct position and take some of the cars weight, but don’t lift it off the ground! Ensure that the jack is properly secured. (Consult your owners handbook to see where the jacking points on your car are.)

5: Keep the wheel on the ground to allow you to loosen the wheel nuts. Then undo the nuts or studs slightly with your wheel brace and once you have done that lift the car of ground until the wheel is in the air. Note that if you are changing a wheel because of a flat tyre you will have to jack it higher to get the fully inflated spare tyre on the axle.

6: Now you can remove the wheel nuts or studs completely and remove the wheel from the vehicle. For some added precaution place the wheel under the car should it come off the jack. I

7:: Now fit your spare tyre and be sure to align the bolt holes on the wheel to the holes on the car wheel hub and put the wheel nuts back into place. Then tighten each bolt as much as you can. Depending on how many bolts you have consult your users guide to see in which order you should fasten them but it is best to tighten them a bit at a time tightening diagonal nuts so that the wheel attaches correctly.

8: Lower your car back onto the ground and tighten the wheel nuts or studs completely.



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