Essential Tools To Carry In The Event Of A Breakdown

It's always best to be prepared for an emergency which may arise while you are traveling in your car, whether it is only a short trip to the local store or a longer drive to the country. While no one can prepare for every possibility, there are a few tools you can keep in your car in case you should suffer a breakdown, become snowed in or find yourself stranded in traffic.
Keeping the following ten items on hand in your car could make a big difference should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

1. A toolset is always a good idea, and while most drivers carry around the tools needed to change a tyres, it's a good idea to have a small tool set handy too containing screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, cutters, insuating tape, plug spanner and circuit tester, . You never know when you or a fellow driver may need a screwdriver or a spanner on the road.

2. A first aid kit will hopefully never be needed, but it's a safe idea to carry one and mandatory in some countries.

3. Make sure you always have some basic fluids in your car, such as brake fluid, engine oil, windscreen washer fluid and plenty of fresh drinking water. Not only will the fluids come in handy for your car, should you need them and be far from a garage, but bottled water could be a life saver should your vehicle become stranded.

4. A torch will always come in handy in a car. Should anything happen to your car or the engine after dark, you will be able to examine the damage, spot an engine fault or change a tyre, even in the dark. Make sure you also have fresh spare batteries available.

5. Jump leads are vital. Should your battery run flat, having jumper leads will mean that you can get back on the road in no time, with the help of a fellow driver. And should you come across someone in need, you could help them to get going again too.

6. Carrying a mobile phone charger that runs off the cigarette lighter could mean the difference between a long wait for assistance, a long walk for help and a short phone call for help.

7. Keep at least two warm blankets in the car. Having a blanket handy in cold weather can make all the difference should your car become stranded in heavy snow.

8. Should you become bogged down in snow, mud or sand having a shovel in the boot of your car means you can at least attempt to dig yourself out before calling for help from the breakdown services.

9. Carry a map in your car. It's amazing how much easier traveling is when you have a map, Even if you have a satellite navigation system there it could break down and leave you lost.

10. Many drivers recommend carrying a spare mobile phone, a camera in case of a collision, and even candles in case of a breakdown meaning a long cold night in your car, but the best thing to keep handy at all times are some long lasting snack foods. The rest is up to you, and will be determined by your driving habits.

With these ten items in your car at all times, you, as the driver, will feel safe and confident in your car, regardless of the distance or season you plan to travel. Being prepared for the unexpected makes for a more confident and secure driver. Keep your car insurance documents in a safe, dry place in your car too, in case they are needed at the scene of an accident or a breakdown. These papers will need to be close at hand and readily accessible should they be need



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