Cellulose Paint Information on Legality and Availability

The good old EU, nanny state gone mad, now they want to ban us from painting our cars. That was the scare story that was going round recently and the only way we were going to put paint on our cars was to pay a "professional" to do this. The truth however is that at the moment cellulose paint is available but is restricted to industrial application and for classic car use.

The reason why cellulose paints (and other harmful products) are being phased out by the EU is because they a high level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) which are harmful to health and the environment. This legislation to control the use of paints high in VOC's came into force on the 1st January 2007 and has cause confusion ever since.

Paint Spill

At the moment cellulose paint is still being manufactured and it is unlikely that this situation will change however it is being made in smaller quantities so inevitably the price will probably increase.

The FBHVC and BFC (Historic vehicle clubs) are proposing that a "fair use" scheme should be used and applied for vehicles over 30 years old to enable Cellulose to be used as an original finish and therefore can be used to repair or restore a vehicle.

DEFRA is in the process of putting forward a licensing scheme to cover DIY and commercial use of Cellulose paints but the details at present are not available.

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